Written Things

Think Again puts your thoughts on paper the end result might a report, a plan or a video. Think Again uses proven methods to sharpen the objectives of your communication and to ensure it has the right appeal for the specific audience you are addressing.

It might be technical:

Think Again has worked with many nonprofits and for profits to make technical subject understandable to a broader audience. We provided writing, editing and project management services for the West Michigan Strategic Alliance’s regional SWOT analysis of four counties: A Common Framework: Information and Maps for Decision Makers

We can make your organization shine.

Whether you need an annual report, a website update or a press release. We’ve got you covered.

Ghost Writing is not scary for us.

We don’t always take all the credit.

Sometimes, people can speak well about something, but can’t get it on paper. We’re very good at capturing a clear message in written and/or visual form.

Sometimes you need another set of eyes with a fresh perspective to read and mark up your grant app or your brochure copy. We provide excellent editing services.

For a letter, an email or a proposal, Think Again observes the highest standards of confidentiality for our clients. We have ghost written for CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, Presidents, Executive Directors and government officials.



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