Project Planning and Managment

Connecting the dots is a specialty of ours.

Think Again can help you with the timing, sequencing, contingencies, strategy, visioning, and messaging for a plan that will result in measurable progress.

Successful project planning is a mix of crystal ball, what if…, and common sense. We have a knack for seeing  cause and effect relationships and the sequential actions needed to achieve an objective. We’ve helped start several initiatives including:





We can help with grant writing.

Winning grants is all about having a strong plan to propose and then communicating that plan and its benefits clearly. Think Again has crafted successful grant submissions to community foundations, private foundations, state and federal agencies.

Think Again has developed more than 70 grants. 83% have been funded, awarding over three and a half million dollars to a variety of organizations.

 Provide process and perspective for strategic planning

Getting from here to where you want to be takes a plan.

If that plan is made with buy-in from those who will have to implement the strategies and tactics identified, it will be more successful. Our interactive approach to strategic planning is effective.Think Again has led planning retreats and created strategic plans for many organizations including:

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