THINK AGAIN is the champion of eradication of The Same ‘Ole Thing.

Think Again has been selling creativity, communications and ingenuity since 1992.

Our work is effective. We know how to get your point across; whether your point takes the form of a project plan, a grant proposal, a video, an email, print material or a live event.

A good part of that effectiveness comes from our underlying philosophy that the targeted audience must actively engage with the piece to get it past their media filters. That engagement might take the form of humor, an emotional appeal, or a mental connection through double entendre or visual metaphor.


Pam Landes, is the Chief Thinker of THINK AGAIN

Pam is a graduate of the University of Montana (Go Grizzlies!).

She has a divePam head shot smrse background which includes: repertory theater, Washington D.C., statistical analysis, California, television, Hawaii, pizza delivery, Cyprus, creativity training and a love of cows.

Not your standard corporate climber—which is precisely her source of power—she thinks differently.

Pam helps others to shift their thinking as well. Pam’s ability to recognize what’s hindering progress, facilitate a team into action and accelerate their productivity is one reason why so many organizations seek her assistance.